Enabling Gradual Headless Adoption for Humans of Globe

Empowering a Seamless Content Management Transition for Humans of Globe

We helped Humans of Globe, an upcoming digital magazine catering to over 20k active readers globally, to gradually transition towards a future-ready decoupled architecture to overcome constraints while optimizing investments.


Humans of Globe required greater velocity to experiment with emerging channels for catering to shifting reader preferences. Their aging, tightly coupled WordPress CMS environment caused release delays and reliability issues causing revenue losses during traffic surges.


We implemented an API-based headless integration to retain their WordPress authoring workflows while leveraging Next.js to accelerate page loads by 5X. WP GraphQL offers unified content APIs to drive multi-channel publishing. MongoDB Atlas adds a resilient data layer.


The composable architecture optimizes content reuse across platforms, leading to a 27% boost in email engagement conversion rates so far. Gradual headless adoption sets a strong, cost-efficient foundation for platform innovation like integrating multimedia stories or Web3 community incentives.

Future Possibilities

The lean decoupled CMS implementation ensures Humans of Globe gains a headless-ready foundation to continue driving innovation velocity without resource-heavy revamps. As consumer needs evolve, our composable data and presentation architecture will enable experimenting with emerging engagement channels like voice assistants and connected devices.

By handling content authoring in the familiar WordPress environment while serving experiences from modern frameworks like Next.js, there is immense potential to progressively enhance innovations. Personalization algorithms can further optimize subscriber lifetime value through tailored recommendations while new Web3 community incentives like NFT galleries can amplify brand loyalty.

The stack embraces a balanced blend of practicality and future readiness. Over time, Humans of Globe can adopt capabilities like AI-assisted automated reporting, real-time translations, and AR-driven stories simply by activating additional cloud services. The gradual transition path establishes a stable base today while optimizing the total cost of ownership.


Optimized email personalization and segmentation fueled a 27% increase in recipient engagement interactions

Scaling Brands Across Sectors

  • Wpwhiteboard
  • Docxter
  • Humans of Globe
  • Umarji
  • Key Results:


    Rise in monthly page views


    Boost in organic traffic

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    Chief Editor


    We saw immense gains in site traffic, user engagement, and performance after adopting the consultants’ headless approach. Kudos to team WPSteroids for an amazing job!

  • Key Results:


    Cost reduction in hosting infrastructure


    Uptime across product portfolio

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    The headless platform has been instrumental in nurturing relentless experimentation with new capabilities. Our rapid growth is a testament to WPSteroid’s expertise

  • Key Results:


    Boost in mobile page load speeds


    Rise in membership conversion rates

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    Humans of Globe

    WPSteroids enabled us to incrementally refine our architecture to balance practicality, costs, and future-readiness while fueling innovation

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